The "Real" Family Meal

Apparently, today is national caviar day. I know this is a delicacy to many people. I'd like to think I have a pretty sophisticated palate, but, I am just not a fan of caviar. It does not appeal to me. 

So this got me thinking, how important is it to be refined? Time and place, that is for sure!

I am a big fan of going out to eat, trying new restaurants, new dishes and new flavors. My husband and I really enjoy going to upscale restaurants and expanding our culinary horizons. 

At home, well, things are a bit different. I believe it is important to offer new foods, and flavors to my family. Give them the opportunity for new things and let them see us being adventurous and taking culinary risks. As for them, if they choose to, fantastic! If they don't, they are still pretty little, they have many meals ahead of them to decide to try new things.

Sometimes, we just need to be realistic and keep the menu on the level of good old chicken nuggets.

Dinner the other night was just that. 

I was in the mood for this dish that I make with ground beef or lamb that is combined with pine nuts, tomato, fresh parsley and cinnamon. The meat mixtures is filled into triangles of phyllo dough. I was out of the phyllo dough. I was going to stuff some onions or peppers, but I didn't have enough of those either. So I made the same recipe and I made them into meatballs. I cooked them in the oven while I made some jasmine rice  and a vegetable salad to serve them with. My craving was fulfilled. My kids, I suspected, weren't going to go for it. So I threw some chicken nuggets (Kosher, all white meat, from Israel) in the oven, along with some natural baked frozen french fries. Something for everyone. 

We sat all together. The table was full of options and everyone enjoyed each other's company. 

All in all, a very real and still successful family dinner.