The Importance of the Family Meal

Research tells us that sharing a family meal on a regular basis has many powerful effects: It builds strong family bonds, kids tend to be better adjusted, healthier meals are served, kids are less likely to be overweight, and they are less likely to abuse alcohol or other drugs.

Culinary Art Therapy is a great way to involve your family in the meal preparing process. Does the person responsible for meals in your household need a little boost? Are you looking to get your whole family involved? Or maybe you just need a Sunday family activity?

Sharing in meal preparation, and eating together are very basic human experiences. They allow us to spend time together in ways that can be relaxing and fulfilling. Eating is a biological necessity, as well as a center of pleasure. When we share that with others, we can access our best selves.
— Miriam Weinstein, Author of The Surprising Power of Family Meals