Not Your Bubbie's Passover Cooking

....Well actually my Bubbie didn't do much cooking on Passover, or any other holiday for that matter. Let's just say she was not my culinary role model! (She had other fine qualities, they just didn't shine in the kitchen.) I have always done things my own way. I believe in doing things they way they feel right for me, not just because that is how things should be. That is how I cook too. So while others might be cooking matzo ball soup or kugels for Passover, I'm looking for a bit more in my dishes. 

Quinoa is a favorite of mine. On Passover it's even more fantastic. Kosher for anyone who keeps the holiday and packed with lots of nutrients and flavor when done well. I found this recipe while cruising Pinterest. I made some of my own modifications, I skipped the baby corn and pineapple in the salad and for the dressing I simplified by only using the oil, vinegar, honey and soy. The peanuts are for those that eat legumes on the holiday, which we do, thankfully.





The full recipe is from a blog I found called My Food Story. I would definitely reccomend trying this one at home!