Purim Treats (Humintashin)

This past Sunday was a holiday called Purim. Like so many other holidays, one of the traditions we have is all about food. (Shocking, I know!) The traditional Purim cookie is called a Humintashin. These 3 cornered cookies are usually filled with some kind of jam or jelly, chocolate chips, etc. My favorite is an almond pie filling but I'm the only one in my house that likes those so we make more of the apricot jam filled, poppyseed and of course chocolate chips. These cookies are the most amazing thing. The taste is sweet, but not too sweet. There is a little orange juice in the dough that provides just a hint of tartness. But more than the taste, these are cookies with a story.

The recipe that we use in my house is from when I was in preschool- yes, that long ago. it is a tried and true favorite. I also love telling my kids each year the history of the recipe. It's a whole family affair making this recipe. Usually it involves my mom, my sister and of course my kids. My daughter especially is into baking and helping in the kitchen. So I lay out the parchment paper and create work stations for everyone. The flour comes out, the fillings, the rolling pins, etc. Each helper has a job. We operate like an assembly line. A true team effort. 

This year was really special. My 6 year old, for the first year of helping, actually made her own humintashin from start to finish. She rolled her own dough. She cut the circles out herself. She filled the jam and she made the most perfect pinched corners. I was so proud. They came out so beautiful! It makes me so happy to know we do this together. Our Purim tradition. The success is so very sweet!